Welcome to the exciting world of aristocratic Wall tiles. Wall tiles that we manufacture will adorn building and add a touch of style mixed with pride. From Morbi, Gujarat, India we manufacture these Designer Wall tiles that are exquisite. They will beat every offering in India and will also work in international market. Elevation and Kitchen tiles from Livon Ceramic are the most unique products. Highlighter series is fresh out of the box designs.


Welcome to LIVON Wall Tiles where you can find the ingenious of sharp vision, Global Network and powerful backbone.


The company carries the vision to cater world-class ceramics tiles. It believes in producing superior quality ceramics glaze tiles with a sharp vision on market. It takes a lot of skill to design and manufacture in a competitive market but the company has a track record of many successful years as a leading ceramics company. The company has a huge production capacity, which falls in line with European standard. The company has an in-house R&D department. Wherein continuous research is done in design and quality of glaze tiles. In order to provide value for money to our customers.

1st company in India
Lustor + Reactive
Holy Marriage of two technologies
There are many companies, who make Luster and several who makes Reactive. But there is none who make a tiles which has both the application in single tile. We are proud to announce that we are pioneer to bring two technologies together. All the luxuries are brought together in a single piece of Tile. The true convergence of art, Luxury and technology.
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300×1200 MM

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600×1200 MM

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1200×1200 MM

Why Choose Us

At every production plant we have, we take quality very seriously. We inspect quality at every stage of production. And even our sorting facility does not send single tile to premium grade if it does not pass standards.

Out administrative staff are very agile to prompt actions for all the service provide to customers. They will give you quick answers with correct information.

We do not need to boast hear. Go to product section or our website and check yourself.

Our executives will always tell you the exact situation of your order, quality of products and availability.

Though we have vast array of designs, it may not fit to your desire. You can order customization to designs. We will provide that provided your quantity is sufficient.


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Introducing our most stunning ceramic wall tile line yet! These gorgeous and adaptable designs will enhance the splendor of your living areas and are ideal for bringing a sense of class and sophistication to your property. To receive the most recent product catalogs, contact us via email or WhatsApp.


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