About Us

Livon Ceramic Has captured the memories of millions of customers by creating trends in Home Interior Design. It has brought about an unprecedented change in the lives of people by consistently evolving with the Indian market. From implementing the newest in technological brilliance to a steadfast practice of lateral thought and trend-setting tenets, to pioneering several first in design and style for consumers. Livon Ceramic determined pursuit of delivering excellence has placed its brand in an illustrious bracket. It is Promoter’s vision that propelled the company to emerge as an unchallenged leader in the Indian Tile Sector. To sustain a dream of such a magnitude, it is always important to stay ahead of your time. This truth, realized by promoters of Livon Ceramic is not only executed through the superior and innovative style and quality of Livon Ceramic’ S products, but also sustained through the wisdom of the following generations of leaders.

Who We Are

We are Livon Ceramic, a manufacturer of ceramic tiles. We have manufacturing Plants in Gujarat, generating a production capacity of 57,60,000 Square Meters of Wall Tiles Annually. The company is a complete solutions provider in terms of décor solutions with widest product selection categories – Ceramic Wall and Floor, Polished Vitrified Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Digital Tiles, Twin Charge. But in Livon We are specialized in Wall Tiles.

What We Do

“We enhance beauty of home.”

But if I explain in business language, we manufacture, sale, export Ceramic Tiles. With A Sphere Of Influence Spanning India, Africa, South Africa, The Middle East, United Kingdom And Over Decades Of Leading Industry Innovation In Ceramic, Livon Ceramic Has stablished Its Presence As A Leading And Formidable Force In The Indian Tiles Sector. Since inception, The Brand has endeavoured to Adorn Homes with Delight, Exuberance and vivaciousness resounding with the Quality, strength and life of its products.

Message From Partner

Artistic designs and state-of-the-art quality is only Motto of Livon Ceramic


We want to make every home beautiful in India.


We will make design of each product we manufacture beautiful, elegant and adorable so every home can look beautiful.

Why Choose Us

At every production plant we have, we take quality very seriously. We inspect quality at every stage of production. And even our sorting facility does not send single tile to premium grade if it does not pass standards.

Out administrative staff are very agile to prompt actions for all the service provide to customers. They will give you quick answers with correct information.

We do not need to boast hear. Go to product section or our website and check yourself.

Our executives will always tell you the exact situation of your order, quality of products and availability.

Though we have vast array of designs, it may not fit to your desire. You can order customization to designs. We will provide that provided your quantity is sufficient.



Starting of Livon Ceramic

After avid experience in Ceramic Tile business all the investing partners gathers from the all the corner of Morbi (The Ceramic Hub of India) to start new joint venture


Pioneered in Digital Printing

We are proud to announce that we are one of the pioneered organization who bought Digital Printing Technology to India. To be precise we were 4th in India to bring Digital Technology.


Acquired CE Quality Standard

Perseverance in quality in each step, not only lead to CE but our quality standards outgrew all the Indian quality standards


Started Exporting

With this our organization stepped into new frontier.

Now Livon Ceramic exports more than 7 countries.


Took over New Manufacturing Plant

We saw new business opportunity to expand our manufacturing capacity and we purchased entire plant for ceramic glazed wall tiles.

2015 June

Birth of Leopard Vitrified Pvt Ltd

Again visionary Partners have ceased opportunity in Ceramic Tiles market by adding new company to our organization

2015 July

Construction of Leopard’s Plant

We starter construction of plant shed and installing machinery

2015, 12 December

Lit up Kiln

Completed construction and installation of machinery and lit up kiln.

2016, Early january

Beginning of Twin-charged Floor Tiles

Introducing very new kind of Vitrified Tiles named Twin-Charged to Indian Market.

More about Twin-charged Tiles Ü

2016, Late January

Beginning of GVT & PGVT

We also started production of GVT and PGVT Vitrified Tiles in Leopard’s Plant

2016 October

Pioneer in

Became first company in India to make ceramic tiles having both Luster and Reactive technology in single piece of tiles