Production Process

Biscuit Line

1. Raw Materials Procurement

All the ceramic materials including several types of Clay and Minerals are purchased and procured under the manufacturing facility

2. Quality checking & Purifying

Procured clays and minerals are checked and if they passes required quality standard, put aside for usage and if require any purification, they are purified. Actual process of purification depends on particular clay or mineral.

3. Slurrification

After purification all clays and minerals are mixed in a proprietary proportion. This mixture is grinded to make to make particle into desired size. Then water is introduced. Actual proportion of water depends on weather and temperature of next stage. This semi solid mixture is called Slurry.

4. Spray Drying

Slurry is pumped into Spray-Dryer machine. This machine spray slurry like inkjet printer does. And where spay falls has a predefined very hot temperature. This heat instantly vaporizes most of the water or moisture from slurry. After that material is conveyed to storage.

5. Pressing

Material now reaches to Press Machine. This where Material takes shape into actual tile with high pressure.  Actual shape of the Tile depends on Mould (also known as Punch). At this stage, Tile is very fragile.

6. Firing

Now Tiles are conveyed into Kiln (Furness) where temperature rises slowly from 200° to 1400° at middle and again temperature decreases to 200° and Biscuits of Tiles come out of Furness at Out-Table.

7. Cooling

Biscuits are stored for cooling before taking them to next production line.

Glaze Line

1. Procurement

Like every production process, this also starts with acquiring raw materials for Glaze. A Glaze consist of many minerals like quartz, Frit, angobe and several others. Number of minerals depends on surface of the Tile you want to achieve.

2. Grinding & Purifying

In this stage each material is purified separately if required. Otherwise they are mixed and goes to grinding and mixing. After mixing this mixed with water and filtered through several processes.

3. De-Ironization

Mineral are found in nature. An in nature every mineral is not uniform. So after purification one more filter is conducted. In this process, Iron is removed.

4. Storage & Shaking

After step 3, Glaze is ready to apply and to be used in next production line where Line A and Line B are merged. But Glaze tend to solidify itself into small to medium chunks.

So every storage of Glaze has built in shaker. It does not stop shaking unless storage is empty.

Merged Line

1. Glazing

Biscuits are brought to Glazing Process through conveyer belts. Where machines pore glaze slurry onto them. And it creates desired layer of glaze on biscuit. Actual thickness depends on the customer requirement. And type of surface to be achieved.

2. Printing

Directly from glazing, biscuits are brought to printing where Digital Inkjet Ceramic Printer prints predefined design onto glazed layer of biscuit.

3. Firing

Now Printed Biscuits are conveyed into Kiln (Furness) where temperature rises slowly from 200° to 1400° at middle and again temperature decreases to 200° and Biscuits of Tiles come out of Furness at Out-Table. At this stage Tiles are almost ready.

4. Cooling

Tiles are stored for cooling before taking them to next any further process.

5. Sizing

After Tiles are cooled down to room temperature. They are brought to Sizing machine. Where they are cut from all the sides to make them perfect to it desired size. Another benefit of sizing process is all the sides and corners becomes sharp so that they look seem-less when applied to walls. In another words sizing makes harder for viewer to distinguish one tile from another when applied on wall.

6. Quality Inspection & Sorting

This is very crucial process because this insures over output quality of our products. At this stage we manually check each piece for its quality in every manner. We also sort each tiles into 3 grades. So that we make sure that you pay exactly for quality for asked for.

7. Packing & Labelling

Now in this stage Tiles are packed, and labelled according to its size, quality, design and every other properties.

Some overseas customers ask for Pallet-Packing. And we do pallet packing according to their requirements.